Discovering New Brands: Arbonne ūüíĄ


Today’s post is very, very exciting, as last week, I was lucky enough to be gifted some Arbonne products to try, review and tell you all about them and the brand itself! Below, I talk about a couple of skincare products and a few amazing make-up items too!

Arbonne, originally founded in Switzerland, and raised in sunny California, aims to transform lives through it’s¬†premium products, unparalleled leadership and a family-like community. Through passionate Independent Consultants, such as Jodie (who I will talk about a little later), prestige branding ¬†and generous compensation plans, people all over the world are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Jodie, one of Arbonne’s lovely beauty consultant’s, was kind enough to get in contact with me, and to let me try some of the¬†brand’s¬†bestselling and her favourite products.

Jodie carefully selected a few products she thought that I might like, from both Arbonne’s skincare and make-up collections. There really is something for everyone, so make sure you browse the website¬†here¬†to see what takes your fancy!

Not only does this company offer fantastic beauty products, but they also offer business opportunities for each and every one of us interested in make-up and skincare. If you’re interested in getting involved with this business opportunity, you can click¬†here, where you can contact Jodie directly, whether it be regarding business, or products.

Remember, as always, all products¬†mentioned are linked below ūüôā



The first noticeable thing about this product, is the gorgeous, fruity smell! Some of the inactive ingredients in this product include, Lime, Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit, making this the perfect product to add to your morning skincare routine, as it’s fruity fragrance does a great job of awakening you and your skin! Overall, however, I would say the smell is not overpowering, yet¬†strong enough to give you that boost we all need first thing on a Monday morning!¬†I have been swapping this with¬†my every day moisturiser,¬†before applying my make-up, and feel it provides me with a smooth base, that is slightly tacky, making my base stay in place all day!¬†As the name of the product suggests, this is an oil- absorbing lightweight moisturiser, meaning it leaves the skin with a fresh and matte looking finish. This product also has an added SPF of 20 which is great for daily use¬†and would be great to take on your summer holidays too! ūüôā


Again, a fresh- fruity¬†smelling product, from the same range as the Day Lotion (FC5), that includes very similar ingredients to the above. This product has a 2 in 1 benefit, in the fact it does not only cleanse the skin, it also tones the skin too, offering a fresh finish to skin and visibly reducing any oiliness. The Arbonne website suggests that you use this cleanser/ toner duo, twice daily, once in the morning and once at night, and you should apply to a damp face and gently massage into the skin using circular motions. I love taking this product off using a hot cloth (flannel)- Not only does this feel luxurious, almost like a pamper, it also opens up the pores on the face, ready for the next step in your skincare routine- moisturiser or serum, meaning the product is really able to do it’s thing to the skin!¬†*Just be careful around your eyes- I’ve noticed my eyes are quite¬†sensitive¬†to this!*



For those of you who currently are not using a primer, before applying your base make-up, or are looking to change your current one, this product could really boost your make-up game. Applying a primer before any other base up, means that the longevity and overall appearance of your foundation routine is going to be maximised to it’s full potential. Primers can offer a variety of¬†different properties, from a matte finish, through¬†to a dewy- fresh look! This luxurious makeup primer glides on to visually minimise and diminish¬†the appearance of fine lines and pores, creating a smooth surface. This is a little different to the kind of primer that I would normally go for, in the fact that it feels very silicone-y, however is extremely soft when applying to the skin and offers a great matte base. I think this would be great for those of you who have skin on the oily side.


Since using my¬†Estee Lauder double wear foundation, it really has been difficult to find a foundation that lives up to it’s properties! When I saw this foundation amongst the other products, my initial thoughts were how nice the packaging looked; very simple, yet sleek- and very similar to a lot of other ‘high end’ base packaging. Some days, for example if I’m just nipping to the shops, or out for lunch, I don’t need- or¬†want¬†too much coverage, and this foundation is perfect for that! The shade¬†I have been using is called ‘buff’ and it matches my yellow-undertoned skin beautifully. The finish is¬†silky- (somewhere between matte and dewy).¬†The coverage is much lighter than my EL foundation, however I love it, and I think it’s going to be a staple in the warmer months for me, when I don’t need as much coverage!


When I saw a highlighter had been thrown in the mix- I started to get very excited!¬†My love for highlighters is silly….

Again, the packaging, similar to all of the other Arbonne make-up products, is very sleek and simple looking- initially very appealing. This is a pink- toned liquid-illuminating highlighter, that can be added to your foundation for a subtle glow, or dabbed to particular areas in order to achieve a brighter highlight! The thing I love about this product, is the fact that it is a lot¬†more subtle than many¬†other highlighters that I’ve tried. Due to being a creamy liquid highlighter, I feel that this is much easier to work into the skin and offers a much more natural finish on those cheekbones! This would be a great one for those of you who are just starting out with make-up, or if you’re looking for something a little subtler, and don’t want anything glittery.


Most people, when they think of powder, think matte…. Well think again!¬†This pink toned, light reflecting loose powder is stunning, and I’ve been finding it amazing for setting the concealer underneath my eyes. Not only does the pink tone counteract any darkness I may have still lurking, the luminosity of the powder adds a gentle glow to the skin, meaning that everything is instantly brightened up! This would be fantastic to dust over the cheekbones if you’re looking for a highlight but hate too much shimmer or glitter- this will just brighten things up! Although this powder isn’t a matte finish, it really just keeps everything in place as you’d hope.


One of my favourite products from the range! A warm toned- slightly shimmery bronzer compact, complete with a handy mirror! (What more does a girl need?!)…¬†When the whole ‘contouring’ craze first came about a couple of years ago, I instantly became very scared of warm toned bronzer that had shimmer, or glitter in any form….as I just thought ORANGE!….but I completely misunderstood the use of them! This product is great if you’re looking to warm up your complexion, for that beautiful ‘sun-kissed’ skin, with a slight highlighting effect! I go in with a big fluffy brush and whirl this round the outer perimeter of my face, and anywhere that would naturally catch the sun- I can then go in with any contour products I want to use- but sometimes I feel this bronzer is enough on it’s own!


I have really enjoyed exploring this brand and recommend that you all at least have a browse over the website, to see the range of products that Arbonne offer! There really is, as I mentioned before, something for everyone, regardless of skin type, skin colour and age!

Have you tried Arbonne? If so, what’s your favourite product(s)? I would love to try them!

Be sure to check out and subscribe to my Youtube Channel by clicking¬†here!¬†It really would mean the world to me… ūüôā


*This is not a sponsored post

*I was kindly given these products to try and review


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