Being happy: ‘Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen’☺️


So… Not my usual type of post, however after having such a bad, and down week, I’ve decided it’s time to chirp up a bit, and why not share how I plan to do that with my blog.

As a person, I really am generally very happy, however I have days- sometimes weeks, where everything bothers me (usually around the time of the month). Don’t we all though?  You know those days, where someone could literally say “How are you?” and you feel like bursting into tears for no apparent reason whatsoever…

So below, I’ve listed 8 key factors, that I think will definitely  affect your positivity, motivation and overall happiness, for the better, and I plan to stick by these.

One of my favourite videos on Youtube is called ‘Everybody is free to wear sunscreen’ by Baz Luhrmann. Every time I’m feeling a little down about things, I always turn to this, and it somewhat makes me feel a little better.  If you’ve never watched, I highly recommend, and you can watch it here. It talks about being kind, and humble, not worrying too much about what you want in life, and not worrying about marriage, or your appearance. I’ve based this poston inspiration from this video.


Treasure your experiences, friendships and memories, not your possessions

I think nowadays, it is so easy to get fixated on what you have, or more so, what you don’t have, and what everyone else does. Don’t get me wrong at all, having nice things, nice cars, nice clothes, the latest gadgets…. is great, and will bring you a certain amount of happiness for a while, and to a certain degree, but what happens when the next best car, best phone, is no longer the one that you have? Then what?…. Short term happiness- I like to call this. These are not things that will stay with you forever, they are short lived thrills that make you happy for a few weeks, maybe months, and then you’re back to reality again, when you no longer have ‘the best’.  No one looks back and says ‘remember that really fun time I had an iPhone 6S’. Learn to treasure real things- the things that really belong to you, and will do forever. Think about the great times you’ve had with your friends, the laughing fits you’ve shared, the drinking games you’ve played, the crazy nights out altogether. Think about your holidays, your trips, and think about the birthday parties your parents planned when you were growing up. Remember the good times with the people you love, the ones that mean the most to you. Experience, memories, emotions- will never leave you, and this is what real happiness is. Happiness is not bought, it is created.

Prioritise you, but always be kind to others

I am a very strong believer, that you should always prioritise yourself where possible, without damning everyone else around you. Stay positive about the decisions you make for yourself, but remain kind and thoughtful whilst doing so, to ensure others around you are happy too.  Your choices are half chance, and so are everybody else’s- everyone is equal and have the same rights, regardless. Remember to always support yourself and the decisions you are making, and be 100% sure on what you’re doing, and if you’re not, remember it’s okay to take chances! Feel confident and comfortable in the choices you make and the chances you take and don’t expect anyone else to support you. Be your own support net if you fall.

Tell the people you love, that you love them

This may seem obvious to some, however a lot of people are scared of telling people they love them. I tell people I love them all of the time, and I feel it’s so important to do so. It’s not a great way to look at things I guess, but you never know when someone might be taken from you, for whatever reason; and so, you should do everything within your power to let them know how you feel about them. Your partner, your Mum, your Grandad, whoever it may be-be sure to tell them. And tell them all the time too.

Believe in good karma, bad karma

Do good things, and good things will return in your favour. Do the opposite, and well, it’s inevitable, isn’t it? I’m a massive believer in karma, and I know people use the term loosely in every day life, but it makes sense to me that if you do good, you should be rewarded with good.

Get to know your parents, your siblings

‘Get to know your siblings, they are the best link to your past and the people that are most likely to stay with you in the future’ I never really thought about this that much, but watching the sunscreen video really highlights this. Your siblings (if you have any) are your friends for life- and the closest link to your parents too. Reminisce with your parents, with your siblings. Remember small things, like the sandwiches your mum used to pack in your lunch box for school, or the awful coat she made you wear every day because otherwise you would catch a chill. Remember the times you and your sibling drove you parents crazy, or the rubbish shows you’d make, and perform to them.

Offer your advice and take it too

‘Be careful with whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it’. Take your experiences to advise others, but be mindful to the fact that experiences vary from person to person, do the same whilst taking advice. Remember not to let somebody else’s advice or opinions define you, or your decisions, and don’t expect yours to define someone else either.

Look after yourself, but don’t focus on appearance

As mentioned in the video, don’t read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly- and it’s true, they do! Ignore the photo-shopped, flawless Instagram famous models you see pasted across your explore feed- they’re not real, and if they are, well wouldn’t we all like to know how, hey?  You wan’t a hair cut?- get one. You wanna eat chips and ice cream but scared of weight gain- who cares? Eat the ice cream.

Avoid jealousy

Jealously is the route to all evil, and more importantly, also the route to failure and breakage in tasks/ jobs and relationships, it’s as simple as that. Believe in the relationships you have enough, to forget about and dismiss the little things that may be added to situations, and mix things up. Don’t go out of your way to make other people jealous, stay humble.


Don’t be scared to apologise to someone, and don’t be scared to bring up an old memory- after all, it’s those that keep you linked to these people. Think about your favourite food, your favourite song, your favourite place. Tell people about them. Sing- even if you can’t. Dance to the music that’s playing. Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t- there is no such thing.




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