The perfect Autumn base….♡

So although I wrote a post not all that long ago, about some of my favourite products (here)…. I wanted to write about exactly what I keep in my make-up bag for day-to-day use, for my base make up. Prepare for a lengthy read…… & don’t forget to tell me your favourite products and recommendations in the comments bar below!

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My favourite product to apply, before applying any make up at all, is the Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturiser, which retails for around the £3- £5 mark. Now that I have discovered it, I would never be without this moisturiser. The smell is refreshing and not overpowering, like some products can be. It is moisturising enough to nourish the skin, however soaks into the skin extremely quickly, meaning there is no residue or oiliness left, and you are able to apply your base make up straight after applying. I feel that it is very important for me to apply a moisturiser before my make-up, especially as the temperature starts to decline through the colder months, to keep everything looking healthy and glowy.

Correcting products

I never really used any colour correcting products before last year… mainly because I wasn’t really all that ‘clued up’ on what they were actually used for, or where.  After doing quite a bit of research, and trying out quite a few products, I now have two favourites.

  • Green: Green is supposed to counteract any redness, such as blemishes and spots that you may have, and I’ve gone cheap and cheerful here; it’s the Natural Collection Corrector stick in green, priced at just £1.99 and available from boots only. I find that this is creamy enough for my skin and doesn’t drag on the skin, however I feel like if you have normal-drier skin, you might benefit from popping this product on your hand and warming it up using your fingers, to achieve a creamier formula. The one criticism I do have with this product is; I wish that it wasn’t in stick form, due to hygiene reasons. (The likelihood is, or at least for me, if you’re using this, it’ll be on areas that have spots or blemishes) However, I feel that the pros outweigh the cons with this product, as you could easily apply with a brush, or using your fingers.
  • Peach: Peach tones are supposed to counteract any purple/ blue tones you may have on your face, such as dark circles under the eyes. The one I choose to keep in my make-up bag for regular use is the NYX Corrector Concealer pot in Light. This product comes in a handy little container, meaning that you can simply use your fingers, or a brush, for application. The formula is extremely creamy, making it very easy to blend. I purely use this underneath my eyes, before applying any foundation, or concealer, and feel it does a fantastic job of masking those tired eyes I might have. I also believe that NYX sell multiple correcting colours, aside from this one, which I am yet to try.


I spoke about my favourite foundation in a recent post, being Estee Lauder double wear, stay in place foundation. In this particular product, I use shade NW1 Desert Beige, which suits my skin well when I am not tanned.  In my opinion, for my skin, this is the perfect foundation. It offers medium- high coverage, and is extremely buildable, meaning I can easily cover any blemishes, without looking cakey. This product applies like a dream (especially using a beauty sponge- my favourite is the Real Techniques complexion sponge£6.99). This foundation never fails me, and always looks smooth and consistent.

However, I also wanted to include a drugstore alternative, if I wanted to ‘switch’ my foundation routine up a little, and to offer a more affordable alternative. Revlon’s Colourstay foundation in shade Sand Beige for me is always a winner. Priced at around £12.99, it offers very similar properties to my favourite, from Estee Lauder. With a very flattering semi- matte finish, this product offers a medium- full coverage, that is also buildable and very smooth looking.. In my personal opinion, I would choose the EL product, as I feel it lasts a little bit longer than the Revlon one, however I think this would be great if you’re just starting out with make up, or on a smaller budget. I would say that this product is easier to sheer out, for less of a coverage than the Estee Lauder one, however.


I won’t write too much about this product, as it’s completely raved about here in the blogging globe, however the hype is definitely worth while. My favourite concealer, and everyday ‘go to’, will always be the Collection Lasting perfection concealer. I use shade light in mine, and I love it! At under £5.00, this really is comparable to Nars creamy concealer, which retails  at nearly fives times the price of this one! (£22.50) This concealer offers extremely full coverage, does not crease (as long is set properly with a powder), and really brightens up my face, adding dimension. I really cannot recommend this product enough, for those who are on a budget, to those of you who are in the industry- try if you haven’t already!


My favourite powder to use on an everyday basis is the Rimmel Stay Matte in Translucent. This is another drugstore product that retails for under £5.00! I find that no matter how much of this I apply… it just does not look cakey! I apply this directly under my eyes to set concealer, and brush roughly over my t-zone to mattify any oiliness. I tend to go in with a finishing spray, such as my Mac Fix + Spray, but I would do that with any powder product regardless, just to help the finish; to look slightly more natural and dewy! I really want to try the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, as I have heard so much about it floating around the blogger world…. has anyone tried it, and if so please tell me how you got on?


I am not THE biggest blush fan it has to be said, however more recently I’ve been experimenting with a few. My favourite at the moment is actually a cream- powder blush by MUA. It’s their LUXE whipped blush in shade SPRY. It’s a very pink- peach toned blush and adds a gentle and very natural flush to the cheeks. I feel that with this product, you can’t go too far wrong, as because of it being a cream formula, it’s very easy to blend and buff straight into the skin. These blushes are extremely affordable…and i’m yet to try out some of the other shades they do, as I love the formula and overall finish on the skin. I would love to try out some different blushes, so please, if you have any suggestions, comment below!


My go-to powder highlight is always going to be Mac Mineralise Skin Fish in Soft and Gentle, which retails for £24.00. This is a very shimmery-glittery pink toned powder highlight that looks excellent and extremely striking on those cheekbones! I would say, if it is your first time with this product, or first time highlighting altogether, be gentle whilst applying this product….as a little goes a long way. This is an very pigmented highlighter, so just be careful whilst applying….. HOWEVER – can you ever have too much highlighter? ….With this yes.

One of my favourite cream/ liquid highlighters is Kiko’s Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter. This is much more of a natural- buildable finish, and I just love it! I sometimes choose to apply this underneath my foundation, as well as over the top, as I usually would do. I prefer to apply this either to the back of my hand, and then gently pat in with my fingers, or use a buffing brush to apply to product, as I find that using the stick directly onto the skin often pulls some of my foundation away.

I hope you enjoyed this small insight into my Autumn faves for a great base!

As always, please let me know your favourite base products, I would love your recommendations to test this out 🙂 ♡

Lots of love, shona xo






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