Christmas 2016 Wrapping Inspiration ⛄

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Good Morning all,

So, some of you have seen the title and are already thinking… seriously? ‘it’s only September’… (or saying that…. you’re probably about to exit the post).

But, the autumn days are closing in, and as the weather gets that bit chillier, and all of the shops on the high streets are starting to bring out their Christmas ranges…. and not to mention we are now under 100 days away from the ‘big day’….I think it’s time to talk about Christmas.

With Christmas being my favourite time of the year, in today’s post, I’ve decided to hand pick some of my favourite Christmas wrapping ideas, listed links (where possible), and added my favourite places to get all of these from!

christmas-wrapThis is the wrapping ‘theme’ I chose for wrapping my Christmas presents, last year. I decided to go for navy blue and silver, and a touch of glitter, wherever I could add it! I loved M&S and their Christmas range last year, and bought some fantastic sets from M&S, which included the paper, ribbon and tags! The quality of the M&S paper is fantastic, and although it’s a little bit more expensive, I would definitely recommend taking a look at their 2016 range.












I am a serial ‘pinner’ on Pinterest… and I’ve been searching for my favourite theme for this year’s wrapping, for months…. (I know, it’s pathetic!) If there’s one thing I see running as a common thread, with all of these images and wrapping ideas, it’s the fact that they don’t follow your typical ‘christmas colouring’…  being red, green and gold. Although I love those colours too, there’s something very nice about switching it up a little…. I think there will definitely be some rose gold and copper incorporated somewhere this year for me?……

My favourite places for Christmas wrapping

I would also recommend searching through Ebay and Amazon, as this year already, I have found some great decorative pieces to add to vamp up your wrapping, at such affordable prices!

If you’re on more of a budget (or just hate the thought of wrapping… or Christmas for that matter)… Card Factory usually have such a great, very affordable selection of Christmas wrap, as well as the likes of Asda and Tesco, as well as other supermarkets and card shops. Which is your favourite? 


Note: to those of you that love Christmas, just like I do, then stay tuned, as I’ll be writing a post all about my wrapping ‘scheme’ this year, in due course.


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Shona xo

*any opinions given in this post are my own

*this is not a sponsored post

*all images taken from Pinterest







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