Creating a Youtube Channel

Morning everyone!

Monday morning seems to come around way too quickly, don’t you agree?

I thought I would start my week with nothing other than a blog post- and today I’m telling you all about my new Youtube channel.

Having watched ‘youtubers’ for years now, such as Zoella, Tanya Burr, The Michalaks, and so on… I’ve always aspired to start my own channel, however have never really sat down and done it. I’m always looking at the brilliant quality of everyone else’s videos and vlogs and debating whether I could do it… the camera, the equipment, the lighting- and what do I have? An iPhone 6S and a bit of dodgy day light…. But this weekend I decided to take the plunge and vlog!

So it’s all a little weird to start with I won’t lie to you, however those of you that know me well enough, will know how much I love to babble on anyway, so it came kind of ….naturally to me. I feel like I have reached a point in my life, where I really do not care what people think of me, so why would I care what people think of me whilst carrying round my phone, filming myself, talking, in the middle of a people filled environment? *cringes*

So here it is, my Youtube channel…. I think I’ve created it more for memories, and as something to look back on as I get older….because let’s face it, it can’t be for the subscribers, because I have 4.

Please do excuse the quality of the videos at the moment. As I mentioned I’m using an Apple iPhone, however I am uploading in HD. I am also trying to get my head around this ‘editing’ malarky, so things aren’t looking as good as they should right now, but hopefully, in time, I’ll have it in the bag 🙂

Please check it out:  or you can click                –> Shona nicole

lots of love

Shona xo


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