Beauty on a budget: drugstore skincare, my favourites.

Hi girls (and guys) ❤

I love reading blog posts about skincare….. however there is nothing more frustrating than looking up the price of a product after reading about it, and it being extortionate and very much out of your price range…. So, I thought, why not put together a post of my favourite ‘drugstore’ skincare items, that are easily accessible and you don’t need to fork out for.

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The wash that I have chosen to feature in this post is the Clean & Clear deep action cream wash, which retails in stores for around £4.00. I have been using this product for, I would say around 5-6 months, and it really is a favourite of mine- and was from the start! The main reason that I initially picked this up whilst wandering the aisles of Superdrug, was because it is labelled as ‘oil free’. I suffer with a very oily t-zone, and I try to, where I can, go for oil free products. The only way I can accurately describe this product one applied, is slightly menthol-y, and a little bit numbing on the face, which I really enjoy. (For me, it makes it feel like it’s working). It claims to clean deep down into the pores, which I definitely believe it does. I use this product in combination with a facial cleansing pad from the PS Love range at Primark, that I will talk about later in the post- I feel this is a great alternative to an exfoliator, and is gentle enough to use every day.

Micellar Water

I generally alternate between two make up removing waters. The two I love are the Garnier Micellar Water, which retails for £5,00 or thereabouts, (see in image above), and the NO7 Beautiful Skin Micellar Cleansing Water for Normal / Oily Skin, which retails for £8.50, available at Boots only. Both of these waters are great teamed with cotton cosmetic rounds (which you can grab anywhere, but I’ve featured the PS Love ones from Primark, as they’re the ones I currently have).

I love micellar waters to take off my make up, as they’re a great alternative to wipes, and much better for your skin, as they generally achieve a deeper clean! I also like them as they’re normally a much lighter alternative to using a cream or oil cleanser. I do always go in with a face wash after, just to make sure all traces of make up and oils have been removed successfully. The Garner water is usual ‘go-to’, however when Boots do a 3 for 2 offer, I love the pick up the NO7 one as a great alternative!


My favourite toner of all time has to be the Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying/ Oil Balancing Toner, which retails in stores for £7.00. I’m not quite sure what it is, but there is always something luxurious for me about applying a toner, after cleansing and before moituriser.. Using this product daily really helps my skin just stay looking fresh and supple! Again, I swipe this around my face using a cosmetic round, and let it dry before applying the rest of my skincare routine.


I used to believe that because I have an oily t-zone, adding moisture to my face would only make this issue worse…how wrong I was.

After watching so many Youtubers for so long, and doing some proper research, I actually realised that your skin produces oil because it’s lacking moisture, and so, in adding moisture to the skin with a product, could help prevent your skin producing it’s own oils to compensate.

I have tried so many drugstore moisturisers in the past, however I always go back to a classic. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula lotion has, and will always be one of my favourite products to use, not just on my face, but for my entire body. If you don’t like strongly scented products, then this might not be the one for you, however I love to smell a product long after I’ve applied it! I usually just apply this at night after the rest of my skin routine as the formula is quite thick, and very rich, so doing this allows time to for the product to soak in. I probably would choose not to put this on just before applying make up, due to the properties of the lotion; mainly due to it being quite thick.

This product retails for around £4.00- £5.00. 

Spots and Blemishes

The two products that I have chosen to talk about in this post are two that I could never be without- they come everywhere in my handbag with me (just in case of an emergency!)

The first product is a fairly new discovery for me, however since using it, just over the past few weeks, it has cleared my skin up completely. The Simple Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper, retailing for around £5.00, is great for those pesky spots and blemishes that you just cannot shift. It’s a roller-ball applicator, making application smooth and refreshing. I apply this at night after moisturising, and wake up in the morning to visibly reduced spots and blemishes. I love Simple as a brand, as they only use natural ingredients, which are beneficial to the skin.

The second product that I could not be without is Sudocrem. Formerly known as a medicated cream for a baby’s bum…… this is the best for any skin issues you might be having. I have been known to paste this stuff all over my face, much like a face mask and sleep in it… but these days I generally just take it onto a cotton bud and apply it directly to the affected areas. This clears any immediate redness and reduces the size of the blemish, whilst drying any spots out.  I will only ever apply this at night, before I go to bed, or if I am staying in for the day, as the formula is waterproof and very thick. (It’s aimed to stay on a child’s bum, in a nappy!)


Before drawing this post into a close, I wanted to quickly address the two ‘tools’ that will always be apart of my skin care routine, regardless of the products that I am using.

  • Cotton cosmetic pads: I will never be without these! I use these mainly for micellar water, or any other cleanser that I might use, however they come in handy if you have swatched on mixed on your hand too. They’re so cheap, and such an essential.
  • Cosmetic facial cleansing pad: The one featured in the image above is the PS LOVE one, from Primark. I use this with my facial wash and works the product into my skin amazingly. It’s also slightly exfoliating, so I usually leave an exfoliator out of my routine, as it can sometimes dry my skin out. (TIP: This product is also great for cleaning your make up brushes!).

Thanks for reading. Please let me know what your favourite drugstore skincare items are, and if you have any recommendations.

Shona xo.


*please note, all of the products featured were purchased using my own money, and all opinions given are my own.

*please also note, I am not a skincare professional; these are products that work for me.


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